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Aluminum-titanium Spherical bearings for aerospace industry

Ultralight Tie Rods: Half the weight - same superior performance

This cutting-edge development is redefining lightweight construction in the aerospace industry. Carl Hirschmann, in cooperation with Austrian company Teufelberger, has introduced extremely light Tie Rods with aluminum-titanium bearings to the market.

This combination of Carl Hirschmann Lightweight Bearings and Teufelberger Tie Rods made of a meshwork of high-tensile composite fibers, results in a prod­uct de­sign of­fer­ing a significant weight re­duc­tion at high load ca­pac­ity.

"Our innovation creates the possibility for considerable energy savings in the aerospace industry and leads to an improvement of overall economics,” underlines Carl Hirschmann CTO Rainer Harter.

With the patent-pending extremely light aluminum-titanium spherical bearings Carl Hirschmann already made the breakthrough in automobile racing – a discipline in which weight reduction plays a large role as well as in aerospace industry. The lightweight bearings reach the same performance values as used so far standard bearing technology, but with only half the weight. Now the transfer of this innovative bearing technology to aerospace industry was successful.

With the patent-pending extremely light aluminum-titanium spherical bearings, Carl Hirschmann has already made a breakthrough in au­to­mo­tive racing – a discipline where weight reduction plays an important role. These lightweight bearings reach the same performance values as standard bearing technology, but with only half the weight.

This innovative bearing technology is also now being successfully applied in the aerospace industry. The Tie Rods transfer movement and force optimally across the gimbal-mounted suspension in an aircraft. Airplane doors, the mounting of cabin equipment, walls, and racks for cabin luggage are just a few of the possible applications for these new Carl Hirschmann products. The Tie Rods with lightweight bearings are available in variable lengths for countless applications.

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