A turbine wheel for an airliner, a micro bore for the injector of a vehicle, a small implant in medical engineering all have one thing in common: high precision. We provide customized solutions for every project.

Rotary Indexing Tables and Rotating Spindles are developed, constructed, and manufactured separately allowing highly precise horizontal and vertical machining to any desired angle on standard machines.

Carl Hirschmann designs and manufactures customized versions in single pieces. For higher quantities, we offer just-in-time delivery and modern logistics. Our customers receive the best solution for their requirements. Current solutions can be found in for many different industries.


  • Curved shapes/Helix
  • Micro valve pistons
  • Gears
  • PCD and hard-metal tool edges

    Medical technology

    • Implants
    • Micro valve pistons
    • Micro pumps

      Turbine construction

      • Lubrication bores
      • Holes for coolant
      • Micro borers in injectors