New standards in laser machining of tools

Highspeed RT-Axis: 2-axial rotary indexing table combines highest dynamic and precision

For the first time new developed 2-axial rotary indexing table for laser applications in tool manufacturing combines maximum speed and highest precision. The innovation is setting new standards in efficient laser machining of parts with tight curve radius or complex shapes. The presented changes of motion require acceleration profiles, being at the limits of technical possibilities. In this combined motion of rotating and pivoting extremely high acceleration values are reached on the T-axis and on the R-axis.

In cooperation with engine manufacturer Etel we succeeded to reach such speeds on a 2-axial rotary indexing table. A simultaneous motion between pivoting and rotating axis is necessary for machining of parts, which is controlled by general control system of production line.
  • Constantly high speed at highest precision
  • Perfectly suitable for laser applications
  • Manufacturing of extremely robust tools for milling and turning processes in serial production
  • Versatile for workpieces from diamond, hard metal or ceramics
  • Leads workpieces directly along the laser beam

Rotating-Tilting Table combines highest dynamics with precision

T-axis R-axis
Rotation axis horizontal vertical
Dimensions L / B / H [mm] 1.195 / 400 / 452
Diameter of face plate [mm] / 180
Speed [rpm] / 1.200
Total weight [kg] 452
Permanent magnetic brake - holding force [Nm] 140
Concentric and axial run-out [mm] < 0,003
Integrated precision chuck [mm] < 0,002
Parallelism acc. base [mm] < 0,002
Heidenhain Angle encoder module [sec] ± 0,9
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