• Adjustable in height, rust-resistant
  • Endless possibilities for clamping
  • Workpiece weight up to 150 kg
  • Fixturing in height Z=0
  • Adjustment to size of workpiece with sliding beams
  • Expandable with optional components

Basic Set 4000 plus

BasisSet4000p z
Optimum basic configuration

Included in delivery:
  • 2 basic beams B40xx (xx= length)
  • 2 cross beams Q42xx  (xx= length, max. 700 mm (25.56"))
  • 3 supporting plates H4366
  • 2 stops H4320
  • 1 Q-beam vise (H4312 and H4312.1)
  • 1 M-clamper H4300 (for clamping of pallet)

Basic Set 4000

BasisSet4000 z
Variation without Q-beam vise

Included in delivery:
  • 2 basic beams B40xx (xx= length)
  • 2 cross beams Q42xx  (xx= length, max. 700 mm (25.56"))
  • 3 supporting plates H4366
  • 1 M-clamper H4300 (for clamping of pallet)
  • 1 clamping jaw set H2850

Basic Set lean

BasisSet4000lean z
Lowest price - highest efficiency

Included in delivery:
  • 2 basic beams B40xx (xx= length)
  • 2 cross beams QL42xx  (xx= length, max. 700 mm)
  • 2 supporting plates H4366
  • 1 clamping jaw set H2850

B40xx Basic Beam

B40xx z
The basic beam is screwed to the machine table.
Length of basic beam depends on machine type,
available in 50 mm increments.

Q42xx Cross Beam

Q42xx z
The infinitely variable cross beam can be clamped in any position and is used only between two basic beams (B40xx).

QD42xx Cross Beam

QD42xx z
Similar to Q42xx, but can be equipped with optional clamping elements on both sides.

H4320 Stop for Basic Beam

H4320 z
Mounted on B-beams for repeatable positioning of Q-beams.

H4366 Supporting Plate

H4366 z
To support workpiece, mounted to Q-beam.

H4315 Supporting Holder (3 pcs.)

H4315 z
To support thin round or rectangular workpieces, mounted to Q-beam.

H4315.1 Supporting Holder (2 pcs.)

H4315 1 z
Similar to H4315 but with a straight surface.

H4265 Countersupport

H4265 z
To support workpieces with free extension into the cutting area.
The countersupport is attached directly to the machine table.

H2850 Clamping Jaw Set

H2850 z
H2850 Clamping Jaw Set