Control System for Carl Hirschmann Rotary Indexing Tables

Version 1: integrated rotary indexing tables

Ideally, rotary indexing tables are controlled by machine controls.

  • Programming via the machine control
  • Simultaneous operation possible (turn while burn)
  • No additional control system necessary
  • Rotary indexing table acts as own machine axis
  • Cost-saving and highly efficient manufacturing solution for modern machines

  • Applicable only on an integrated machine
  • Cannot be utilized on other machines unless the other machines are identical and have the additional integrated control components

Ver­sion 2: External control system (HIRSCHMANN H1625) for rotary indexing tables

If integration to the machine control is not possible (no free axis), a rotary indexing table can be operated by the H1625 control. Communication with machine controls is possible via parallel interface (M-code). NC program for rotary indexing table is programmed in the H1625 control. Continuous-path control (turn while burn) is not possible.

  • Universal solution for all rotary indexing tables
  • Exact positioning (depending on construction of rotary indexing table)
  • Applicable on several machines (also different machines WEDM, SEDM, EDM-drilling)

  • Additional, separate control system necessary
  • NC programming for rotary indexing table in separate control system
  • Suitable only for positioning, no simultaneous operation (Turn & Burn) possible
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