Rotary Indexing Tables with adjusted reference and clamping systems

With decades of experience and advanced engineering, we are the leading manufacturer of submersible rotary tables.

Our product range includes single and multiple axes, tilt/rotating tables, and indexing and high-speed spindles. Additionally, we offer customized solution tables for customer requests or OEM projects.
Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. Due to a high degree of vertical integration, our customers have one point-of-contact and the guarantee that all components are manufactured and assembled to your specifications.

Even for EDM machines that have been in use for decades, we will work with you to determine the ideal rotary indexing table and/or rotating/indexing spindle solution.
Our innovative technologies keep us at the forefront of the industry.

Our state-of-the-art rotary indexing tables and customizable reference and clamping systems provide endless application possibilities and highly efficient solutions.  

Wire and sinking erosion have expanded manufacturing potential far beyond the capabilities of turning, grinding, or milling. 

The production of pieces for micro-technology, made possible by erosive grinding, seemed unthinkable just a short time ago.
Customer satisfaction is our top priority. You specify the task and together we’ll find the optimal solution for your production challenges and products.

The perfect solution for your applications

Eroding of materials difficult to machine

Using conventional methods for difficult to machine materials can be time consuming and expensive. Most complex workpieces and shapes - even difficult to machine materials, can be made quickly and cost-effectively using a sinking EDM equipped with a two-axis rotary indexing table.

Sinking EDM Application

Curved shapes, spirals, and structures

Integration of a rotary indexing table on to a wire EDM machine significantly increases the application possibilities. Curved shapes and the finest parts, like those found in medical technology, aviation, or PCD machining can be successfully machined by the spark erosion method.

Wire EDM Application

EDM Drilling

Applications for EDM drilling range from standard parts with multiple hole patterns, to single precise bores, to simple-start hole drilling. Often such bores must be set under various angles. For quick positioning of the workpiece, a rotary indexing table is used. Workpieces can be turned in any position and highly precise, cost-efficient machining can be accomplished using a two-axis rotary indexing table without further set-up.

EDM - drilling Application

Minimum Set-up Times – best quality for laser machining

Laser machining is successful when precise positioning of the workpiece (turbine blade, nozzles, etc.) accomplished with the help of a two-axis rotary indexing table. The workpiece can be secured to the rotary table quickly and precisely when our precision pallet system is used and is preset outside the machine. This practice will keep the set-up time on the machine to a minimum.

 Laser Machining Application


Industry Solutions of the Highest Precision



Ejector pins, curved shapes, PCD machining

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Medical Engineering

Implants, tools, surgical needles

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Turbine Industry

Complex Shapes and Spiral Cuttings

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Our product program: Rotary Indexing Tables and Axes for all Requirements

Single-Axis Rotary Tables by HIRSCHMANN

Our rotary indexing tables can be used on all EDM, laser, and HSC machines and are completely sealed (IP68) from dielectric fluid (water, oil). The final product details are determined in a consultation with you and/or the machine manufacturer and optimized to your requirements, (with or without clamper, electrical design, etc.). For most new machines, rotary indexing tables are controlled and programmed by the machine control system (A-axis). Older equipment often needs an additional control system for use with the rotary indexing table. Please verify all technical requests in advance with our sales staff or our technical department.

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Two-axis Rotary Indexing Tables

Our two-axis rotary indexing tables deliver the highest precision, accuracy, and continuity. These rotary tables allow machining operations in vertical or horizontal axis. When matched with our precision clamping systems, the best possible results for changing and repetitive accuracy are guaranteed.

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Multiple-axis Rotary Indexing Tables

Achieve optimal positioning accuracy, concentricity, and axial run-out of work pieces with our multiple-axis rotary indexing tables. Designed for machining operations in three or four axes, these rotary tables can be manufactured for machining materials of many different sizes and weights. Multiple-axis tables are made at the customer’s request. From conceptual design and initial sampling to standard item production, only Carl Hirschmann offers customers complete system solutions guaranteeing the best possible results.

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Rotating and Indexing Spindles

Manufacturing on an EDM equipped with our high-speed rotating/indexing spindles, is an efficient alternative to hard turning or superfinishing for the smallest rotationally symmetrical structures and shapes in stainless steels, hard and nonferrous metals, as well as conductive ceramics.

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Hollow axes

Our precise single and two-axis hollow rotary tables allow the possibility to wire EDM workpieces from the center to the ID of the table.

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Customized solutions

Due to the depth of our manufacturing capabilities, we guarantee that all our products are made and assembled by Carl Hirschmann . Our customers have one point of contact and all components are manufactured and assembled to your specifications. Please contact us directly to find the optimal solution for your production challenges and demands.

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Detailaufnahme eines Rundteiltisches von Carl Hirschmann

Low-maintenance EDM power transmission with microfiber rings for rotating/indexing spindles

In our new and patented method, rotating/indexing spindles for EDM equipment feature an eroding current that is transmitted directly to the faceplate, and through to the workpiece, by conductive microfiber rings instead of carbon brushes.

What are the ad­van­tages for you?

  • Improved process reliability
  • Low maintenance for life of the power transmitting contacts
  • Free from contamination
  • No friction

Learn more about our lat­est in­no­va­tion
Steuerung von Carl Hirschmann

Flexible control systems

In an ideal case, rotary indexing tables are controlled by machine control system.

If integration to the machine control is not possible, the rotary indexing table can be controlled by the Carl Hirschmann control system H1625. Communication to the machine control via parallel interface (M-code) provides automatic indexing or rotation. The NC program for the rotary indexing table is programmed in the H1625 control system.

More about con­trol sys­tems 
Detailaufnahme eines Rundteiltisches von Carl Hirschmann

Customized solutions for rotary indexing tables.

Trust in our experience. For more than 40 years, we’ve developed and manufactured highly precise rotary indexing tables with adjustable reference and clamping systems.

Design and manufacturing

HIRSCHMANN designs and manufactures customized versions in single pieces. For higher quantities, we offer just-in-time delivery and modern logistics.

Individual solutions

Our specialists will work with you to determine a rotary indexing solution based on your production challenges.
Please contact our specialists for a complete solution matching your requirements on rotary indexing axes.

Manufacturing in our certified plant in Germany

In our plant in Fluorn-Winzeln (Baden-Württemberg) Germany, we manufacture according to the ISO 9001 and EN91000 quality the standards.

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Carl Hirschmann ist für die Präzision der Produkte bekannt.
Rotary indexing tables and rotating spindles are especially designed for EDM, HSC, and laser machines.

They are completely sealed (IP68) and can be used in dielectric fluids in sinking and wire EDMs.

With decades of experience and advanced engineering, we are the worldwide leading manufacturer of single and multiple axes, tilt/rotating tables, indexing and high-speed spindles adapted to the special requirements of spark erosion, HSC, and laser technology.

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