Lightweight spherical bearings for aerospace

Extremely high quality, reliable, lightweight, space-saving design – these are the re­quire­ments in the aero­space in­dus­try. With our Aluminum-Titanium light­weight bear­ings, we meet the rigorous de­mands of the aero­space in­dus­try at the highest level.

Aluminum-titanium leightweight bearings - 50% less weight

Carl Hirschmann light­weight bear­ings deliver a weight re­duc­tion of ap­proximately 50% com­pared to stan­dard bear­ings, but with the same per­for­mance data.

The light­weight bear­ings are an ideal choice for the fol­low­ing ap­pli­ca­tions:

  • Rotor blade con­trols
  • Tale unit con­trols
  • Rud­der con­trols
  • Door mech­a­nisms
  • Land­ing gear


Our latest innovation de­vel­op­ed in co­op­er­a­tion with Teufel­berger, are ultralight tie rods made of Aluminum-Titanium bear­ings con­nec­ted by rod constructed of a mul­ti­layer hol­low mesh of HTA40 (fiber cer­ti­fied for aero­space, with M=230GPa).

Metal-Com­pos­ite Con­nec­tion

The patented con­nec­tion (T-IGEL®*) be­tween the hol­low mesh and the ti­ta­nium bear­ing is form and force fit­ted with joint strength of up to 1.500 N/Pin (~ 60 N/mm2) and quan­tifi­able fail­ure prob­a­bil­ity.

Resin Trans­fer Mold­ing (RTM)

Resin in­jec­tion and hard­en­ing take place in a closed tool (press 130 tons).

Com­po­nents overview

Lightweight bearings Lightweight bearings

Tie Rods Tie Rods

T-IGEL®* Connection*T-IGEL®* Connection*

T-IGEL® is a registered trademark of Teufelberger company 
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