Cost and time pressure in part machining on EDM are new challenges for industry and trade. The key to success can be found in set-up times – where efficiency can increase productivity. For more than 40 years we develop and manufacture rotary indexing tables with coordinated reference and clamping systems. With them you can optimize machine running times and improve economics.

With decades of experience and perfected engineering we are leading manufacturer of rotary indexing tables, a-axes, rotating and indexing spindles together with total clamping technology for EDM technology. Due to high vertical range of manufacturing the customers approach only to one contact person and receive the guarantee that all components are not only assembled but made by Carl Hirschmann. Even for products which are in use for decades the company still offers suitable parts.

Decades of Experience create innovative options for applications

  • Rotary indexing tables combined with wire and sinking EDM offer completely new application possibilities. In wire and sinking EDM processes shapes can be realized far beyond the capabilities of turning, grinding or milling. In an erosive grinding process today microtechnology structures can be realized that seemed to be unthinkable even not long ago.
  • With the help of our technology our customers manufacture injectors bores with a diameter of 0,06–0,08 mm – the thickness of a human hair. And it doesn’t matter in how many different angles these bores are to be made.
  • With our new and further innovations, constructions with zero and small series, test runs and prototypes we already opened a multitude of the nearly endless opportunities. In our high-precise rotary indexing tables, rotary tables and rotary axes are decades of experience and the know-how of special requirements of spark erosion, HSC and laser technology.