Novelty: Our high-performance series is now available especially for motorsports. Maintenance-free spherical bearings and rod ends offer the performance needed in motorsports. The outer parts of the rod ends are 100% crack-tested, high-strength, rustproofed and available as right-hand and left-hand threads. You will also find our patented aluminum-titanium lightweight bearings in the high-performance series for motorsports. For bearing technology with V-groove we additionally offer our rolling-in tool or our rolling-in service. Further information and all sizes can be found in our product database.

Roll-in tool for bearings with V-groove


  • Low force effect, protecting the bearings
  • No hydraulic press required
  • Simple, as one box column drill is sufficient
  • We can roll-in your bearings on request


A training as well as further details are available on request. Please do not hesitate to contact us.