Sinking EDM

Sinking EDM Using sinking EDM with Carl Hirschmann Rotary Indexing Tables complex shapes and structures in materials even difficult to machine can be made in highest precision.

Wire eroding

Wire eroding Using wire EDM with Carl Hirschmann Rotary Indexing Tables high-quality and high-precise machining of conductive materials is possible, regardless their rigidity.

EDM drilling

EDM drilling Using Carl Hirschmann products EDM drills can be made high precise and at any angle. Workpiece can be turned in any position and machined in highest precision and cost saving.

EDM Laser Machining

EDM Laser Machining EDM laser machinig for complex contours, quick and precise machining, manufacturing of three dimensional gaps or touchless and nearly forceless operation.

Business solutions

Using conventional methods for difficult to machine materials can be time consuming and expensive. Most complex workpieces and shapes - even difficult to machine materials, can be made quickly and cost-effectively using a sink EDM equipped with a two-axis rotary indexing table.
Integration of a rotary indexing table on to a wire EDM machine significantly increases the application possibilities. With a wire EDM, high-quality machining of conductive materials is possible using the principles of electrical discharge machining.

Machining of all conductive materials is possible using the process of wire EDM, regardless of the rigidity of the material. Extremely small cutting widths are even possible for ultra-thick materials. The machined contours are sharp-edged and meet the strictest requirements for dimensional tolerance and geometrical accuracy.

Curved shapes and the finest parts, like those found in medical technology, aviation, or PCD machining can be successfully machined by electrical discharge machining.

The most common applications for EDM drilling are standard parts with multiple hole patterns and single bores or simple-start drill holes. A rotary indexing table is used for quick positioning of workpieces and holes drilled under various angles.
With a two-axis rotary indexing table, workpieces can be turned in any position. Highly precise and cost-saving operations are possible without additional tooling.
Quick and precise laser machining is utilized when a touchless and nearly forceless operation is necessary for the manufacturing of complex contours and of three dimensional gaps.

Laser machining is successful when precise positioning of the workpiece (turbine blade, nozzles, etc.) accomplished with the help of a two-axis rotary indexing table. The workpiece can be secured to the rotary table quickly and accurately when our precision pallet system is used and is preset outside the machine. This practice will keep the set-up time on the machine to a minimum.