Lightweight construction - less is more

Light­weight con­struc­tion may of­fer con­sid­er­able sav­ings in countless applications.

Au­to­mo­tive En­gi­neer­ing

  • In mod­ern ve­hi­cles, light­weight ma­te­ri­als con­tribute to less en­ergy con­sump­tion and environmental pollution, resulting in greater overall efficiency. Carl Hirschmann aluminum-titanium lightweight bearings make an important impact on the challenges faced by this in­dus­try.

Auto Racing

  • Our in­no­v­a­tive de­vel­op­ments utilizing high-ten­sile light­weight ma­te­ri­als gen­er­ate weight re­duc­tions of up to 70%. In auto rac­ing, that means enhanced dri­ving dy­nam­ics in all sit­u­a­tions - brak­ing, ac­cel­er­at­ion, and turns.

Aero­space In­dus­try

  • Mod­ern air­craft design includes a very high num­ber of spher­i­cal bear­ings. Our alu­minum-ti­ta­nium light­weight bear­ings con­tribute to a reduction in total weight and pos­si­ble sav­ings in fuel con­sump­tion.

ThinKing Siegel der Leichtbau BW GmbH

ThinKing 2016 – Leichtbau BW GmbH

The state of Baden-Württemberg in southwest Germany is Europe’s number one region for innovation. As a member of the Leichtbau BW network, we work with the leading lightweight suppliers in Baden-Württemberg on innovative products and new manufacturing processes. In 2016, the aluminum-titanium lightweight bearing made by Carl Hirschmann was decorated with the Leichtbau BW organization’s “ThinKing” Award.

Aluminum-titanium bearings: Half the weight - same superior performance

For years, our research at Carl Hirschmann focused on technologies to lighten spherical bearings and rod ends, without compromising product life and stability. We achieved that objective by introducing aluminum-titanium bearings that provide the same superior performance at half the weight. Our advanced, ultralight bearings are used by the leaders in technology across various industries, especially aerospace, automotive engineering, modelmaking, and medical technology.

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70 % weight reduction due to rolled-in spherical bearings

At the 2017 Automobile Industry Lightweight Summit in Würzburg, Germany, Carl Hirschmann presented a unique manufacturing method where rolled-in heavy-duty spherical bearings are integrated directly into carbon fiber reinforced plastic components. This innovation delivers a weight reduction of up to 70%. Ongoing test bench runs demonstrate that this advanced technology is tolerating extreme tensile and pressure loads while maintaining product integrity and strength.

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Ultralight Tie Rods made of high-tensile composite fibers

In cooperation with the Austrian company Teufelberger, Carl Hirschmann developed extremely light Tie Rods (stabilizer bars) with aluminum-titanium spherical bearings. These Tie Rods were introduced to a wide audience of specialists in 2016 at ILA Berlin, the international trade show for aerospace.

The combination of Carl Hirschmann lightweight bearings with Teufelberger high-tensile composite fiber tie rods, resulted in a product that provides a considerable weight reduction at high loads.

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