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About us

Unternehmensleitung von Carl Hirschmann: Herr Andreas Jesek und Herr Rainer Harter

For more than 65 years, Carl Hirschmann GmbH has stood for technology that inspires through unparalleled reliability and precision. Our customers profit from innovations and developments that set new standards in quality and performance. This long-standing history of success and customer satisfaction is the result of engaged employees who pursue individual customer solutions with professionalism, initiative, and heart.

Here we’ll show you how the people at Carl Hirschmann think and act. You’ll see the markets Carl Hirschmann is the definition of state-of-the-art technology.

With Carl Hirschmann, you can pioneer the future successfully.

The Management

Unternehmensführung von Carl Hirschmann: Andreas Jesek (links) und Rainer Harter (rechts)
Andreas Jesek (CEO) and Rainer Harter (CTO)
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