Synthetic grinding fluid, powerful advantages for High-speed grinding: SintoGrind TTS is a 100% pure synthetic fluid made from base fluids called PAOs (Poly-Alpha-Olefins). PAOs are synthetically produced by combining a mixture of gases with a catalyst, under heat and pressure, to form a liquid. It is the purest form of a liquid in the world due to its molecular structure. It does not contain any unwanted molecular chains like paraffins, sulfur, etc. usually found in refined mineral-based oils, which come from crude oil.

Uneven molecular chains, (paraffins, sulfur, etc.) are found in all mineral-based fluids, even after double and triple refining and break down under the high heat and pressure associated with the grinding process. This creates the gradual deterioration of these fluids (carbide leaching) causing the need for periodic fluid changes.

PAO-based synthetics offer a flawless molecular composition made up of extremely ridged, evenly-bonded molecular chains that are not affected by any elements of the grinding process. This allows an unlimited life span, providing the fluid is filtered properly.
SintoGrind TTS offers a lubricity factor five times higher than mineral-based fluids and ten times higher than water emulsions. This is crucial in grinding because high lubricity is the key to longer wheel life and minimal heat build-up in the workpiece, allowing for better surface finishes and the elimination of surface cracks. SintoGrind TTS offers many other advantages as well:
  • An evaporation rate 60% less than a mineral-based product.
  • Longer wheel life.
  • Higher quality workpieces.
  • Eliminates fluid changes.
  • Low foam, low mist.
  • Physiologically safe because it contains NO hazardous elements.
  • Stable viscosity at various temperatures.
  • Excellent for high-speed grinding operations.
  • Will NOT develop bacteria, fungi, or yeast like in water emulsions.
  • Faster cycle times.
  • No cobalt leaching.
SintoGrind TTS was developed in Europe for use with all filtering systems. It is recommended by most high-speed grinder manufacturers both in Europe and the US and is used in their showrooms and test facilities.