Improved process reliability, low-maintenance, no contamination, and no friction – the new EDM power transmission made by Carl Hirschmann with microfiber rings beats using carbon brushes. Carl Hirschmann’s innovative technology includes rotary indexing tables with customizable reference and clamping systems.

Cost savings

With our new and patented method, expensive problems like worn out carbon brushes or shrinkage of the transmission surface are eliminated. The power transmission is mounted around the shaft in a sealed body guaranteeing a low-maintenance operation. Eroding current is transmitted directly to the faceplate and through to the workpiece by conductive microfiber rings, eliminating even the possibility of friction.

Upgrade for existing EDM

The installation space necessary for the integration of the power transmitting rings is factored into the development and design of all new rotary indexing tables made by Carl Hirschmann, including mini-spindles. This technology is not just for new equipment, existing products may also be upgraded with our latest innovation. Service for the upgrade can be done in our factory or on location, improving process reliability for equipment in the field.

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