One of the most important criteria when selecting a reference system is the repeatability of positioning in the process chain. The repetitive accuracy (same pallet on same fixture) is about 2 µm for standard reference systems. The changing accuracy (same pallet on various fixtures) is 8 - 15 µm.
Although this is sufficient for many manufacturing processes, it is not acceptable when manufacturing highly precise small parts. In this case, tolerances of < 5 µm are required.

With standard reference systems, the maximum allowable tolerance in the process chain (from machine to [measuring] machine) is already reached or exceeded at re-clamping without manufacturing failure.

Carl Hirschmann Clamping System µ-PrisFix-Nano guarantees an average repetitive accuracy of ≤ 0.1µm (same clamper) and a changing accuracy (from clamper to clamper) of ≤ 0.5µm.

The repetitive and changing accuracies were tested and confirmed by the Federal Institute of Technical Physics as part of a development project. Test results are available upon request.

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The completely rust-resistant Clamping System µ-PrisFix-Nano is a high precision mini-clamping system for applications in small parts production. Repetitive accuracy in process chain (machine to machine) of ≤ 0.5 µm guarantees solid and repeatable manufacturing processes. The patented Reference System is used for metal cutting (milling, turning, grinding) and nonmetal cutting (eroding, lasing) operations and for measuring.


  • ≤ 0.1 µm (0,00000394") repetitive accuracy
  • ≤ 0.5 µm changing accuracy from machine to machine
  • Total height with pallet - 42 mm
  • Manufactured in stainless steel
  • Completely sealed (IP68)
  • Integrated cleaning „CenterClean“*
  • Integrated loading and tension control
  • Tension by spring force
  • Precise, safe, efficient

Pneumatic Clampers

H1.1000 µ-PrisFix-Nano Pneumatic Clamper
Completely rust-resistant. Clamping via spring pressure, opening via pneumatic pressure. Protected against pollution by sealing ring and integrated cleaning "CenterClean".
Part detection through measuring of differential pressure.
Repetitive accuracy ≤ 0.1 µm
Changing accuracy ≤ 0.5 µm
Height of clamper (without/with pallet) - 32/42 mm
Clamping force -  500 N
Pneumatic pressure (opening/cleaning) - 6 bar

H1.10000A  µ-PrisFix-Nano Pneumatic Clamper
Same as H1.1000 but equipped with a piston check sensor.
(The actuating piston position is checked, part detection through measuring of differential pressure).


H1.1005 µ-PrisFix-Nano Pallet
Completely rust-resistant.
With four M4 threaded screws, 5 mm deep for workpiece fastening, hardened and lapped.
Integrated gripper interface for automatic handling. Clamping journals included.
Diameter -  50 mm
H1.1005CC µ-PrisFix-Nano Center Clamp Pallet
Completely rust-resistant.
With integrated self-centering clamping chuck for round and cubic workpieces and a hardened clamping jaw with removable end stop. Integrated gripper interface for automatic handling. Clamping journals included.
Clamping range (cubic parts) 0 - 22 mm
Clamping range (round parts) 1 - 8 mm
Diameter of pallets - 50 mm
Height - 40 mm

Adjusting pallet / Adjusting and Clamping Element

These patented components are used as universal workpiece interface for the highest concentricity (≤ 1 µm).
H 1.1005JP  µ-PrisFix-Nano Adjusting Pallet (stainless)
For mounting the H1.1005JE-xx µ-PrisFix Adjustable Clamping Elements.
Complete with journal and integrated gripper interface for automatic handling.
H1.1005JE-xx Adjustable Clamping Element (brass)
For accurate alignment of workpiece concentricity.
The adjustable clamping elements are integrated in the adjusting pallet 
Adjustable concentricity ≤1 µm
Clamping diameter (xx) Ø 1 mm to Ø 15 mm 
(Please specify exact clamping diameter (xx) for your order.)


H1.1005AL µ-PrisFix-Nano Aligning Gauge
To adjust and control µ-PrisFix clamper in X and Y direction. Completely rust-resistant.

H1.1005KD µ-PrisFix-Nano Test Bar
The axial and radial position of mounted µ-PrisFix clampers, and to control system of A-axes and rotating spindles with µ-PrisFix clampers. To align and control concentricity and completely rust-resistant.
H9060P Pneumatic Service Unit
Filter, dryer, oiler, and pressure regulator unit with separate adjustment for clamping (6 bar) and blocking air.
H 4101 Pneumatic Control Unit 
Manual Control Unit (pneumatic valve) to activate the functions (opening, clamping, cleaning) of the Pneumatic Clamper H4100.
Operating pressure - max. 10 bar