Ejector pins and molds

Round ejector pins and mold cores require precise manufacturing. At these tiny diameters, lateral machining pressure is not obtainable in the typical machining processes like grinding or turning, plus the wear of machining tools cannot be calculated exactly.   


These problems are avoided by manufacturing on wire EDM equipped with rotating spindles. Precision is increased significantly by using our eroding equipment.
This process is applicable for nearly all holes in electrically conductive materials. This technology can also be used for the highly precise machining of outer outlines.

EDM machines for tool manufacturing

Curved shapes and fine structures found in medical engineering (fluidics), aviation (turbine blades), or cutting tools (PCD machining) can only be achieved with a multiple-axis EDM machines.


Curved shapes can be manufactured precisely on an EDM machine equipped with a rotary indexing table as an additional axis.

Industry Solutions

EDM machines utilized for extremely hard material

PCD (polycrystalline diamond) are very difficult to machine because these materials are extremely hard. Manufacturing of hard metal tools often creates problems as well. The tools are used with a high speed of 40,000 rpm or more and must be made perfectly symmetrical.


These challenges can be met safely and accurately by manufacturing on wire EDM equipped with the correct cutting technology and a precise rotary indexing table.

Wire EDM - PCD

Rotating Spindles for optimal results

The smallest rotationally symmetrical parts cannot be manufactured with grinding and turning machines


With the help of rotating spindles and rotating/indexing spindles, small rotationally symmetrical parts can be manufactured without difficulty using an EDM with the highest surface quality (Ra 0.1 mm and better).

Wire EDM Rotationally symmetrical shapes