Super sports car RUF CTR 2017 runs with high-tech components of Carl Hirschmann

Proud of 710 PS power, a speed of more than 360 km/h and extremely light: the RUF CTR 2017 sets standards in many areas. Under the CFRP cover you find high-tech - amongst others from Carl hrischmann, the chassis specialist located in Baden-Württemberg.

The engineers developed especially for this car a branch solution, exactly adapted to the requirements of the RUF CTR 2017. Carl Hirschmann GmbH delivers about 40 units for front and rear suspension, including sealed heavy duty spherical plain bearings, rod ends, stabilizers, tie rods, push rods and bars. RUF trusts in spherical plain steel bearings, withstanding highest loads in race sport.
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„In chassis applications we already since decades cooperate successfully with HIRSCHMANN. We estimate the constantly high quality of their products and the reliability of the company and therefore use only HIRSCHMANN bearings for our CTR cars”, underlines Alois Ruf, owner of the manufactory in Pfaffenhausen.

The exclusive manufacturer of race cars purchases not only single components but also complete units for front and rear suspension from Carl Hirschmann. A roller staking tool designed by Carl Hirschmann helps RUF Automobile GmbH to roll in the bearings by themselves. In this process the force affecting on the bearing is with 700N significantly less than caulking force of 70kN. With the help of three rolls force is applied all over and for a longer period. The result is a bearing position of higher quality and longer lifetime.
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