Rod Ends / Spherical Bearings, Rotary Table and Reference Systems

Core competences in three product lines

Carl Hirschmann Qualitätssicherung
With our expert knowledge and 60 years of experience, Carl Hirschmann offers customers precise product options in Rod Ends, Spherical Bearings, Rotary Indexing Tables / Rotating Spindles, and Reference Systems.

Core competencies

Rod Ends / Spherical Bearings

Gelenklager von Carl Hirschmann

Carl Hirschmann Rod Ends and Spherical Bearings are approved constructional elements for static and dynamic load transmission. Besides our wide range of serial products, we also design and manufacture special solutions - from one piece to large scale productions.

Our high-tensile rod ends and spherical bearings are primarily used in the auto industry (sports cars, race cars, special vehicles) and in the aerospace industry.

Rotary Indexing Tables

Rundteiltisch von Carl Hirschmann

For decades Carl Hirschmann GmbH and JS GmbH have stood for technology of the highest reliability and precision. Carl Hirschmann GmbH offers a wide range of standard rotary indexing tables and rotating spindles for spark erosion, specializes in customized applications. This synergy allows us to provide our customers the optimal solution for every challenge.

Clamping Systems

Spannsystem von Carl Hirschmann

Carl Hirschmann Clamping Systems are widely used in milling, EDM, and spark erosive turning applications. Our history of providing high-quality, precise products makes us an industry leader. We offer our industrial manufacturing customers complete system solutions guaranteeing the best possible results.
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