Spherical bearings for race car prototype of network Step-1

High-end bearing technology

Carl Hirschmann Spherical Bearings is member of network Step-1 (Race Prototype Team Engineering Project 1). With more than 30 different partners under the leadership of MiKAR Engineering a sporty race car of group C is developed and realized. For project Step-1 Carl Hirschmann designed appropriate rolled-in spherical steel bearings and manufactured them in small series. In total, 26 components for front and rear suspension are installed in race prototype Mikar C301B.

All applications are variant designs from race sport, especially adapted to the demands of race car prototypes.

The spherical bearings with inner and outer rings made of steel and a bearing liner with special supporting structure are maintenance free and durable. For realization of these bearings all departments were involved – from Research and Design, Manufacturing and Assembly up to Quality Control.

This excellent example of a high-end product shows the exceptionally linked interaction in network Step-1.
Radträger Automobilbau
Wheel Carrier with Spherical Bearings


Push Rods
Supporting and Sliding Ball Joints, Strut Bearings
Tie Rods

Spherical bearings and rod ends

Fields of application

  • Tie Rods and Steering Rods
  • Push rods
  • Wishbones
  • Dampers

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