Beam / frame system or pallet/holder system or both in combination - with a Carl Hirschmann clamping system you are always on the right track.

Clamping System 4000

​Beam / Frame System 4000

One, two, or several continuously movable beams can be set between two beams and screwed tightly on machine table (body). With free and mountable workpiece holders, workpieces can be clamped with clamping jaws on height Z=0. Universal holders screwed to the movable beams offer further universal solutions for workpiece clamping.
  • Universal clamping of round or rectangular workpieces up to 150 kg
  • Adjustment to size of workpiece by movable beams
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​Palletizing System 4000 (Pallet / Holder System)

With universal holders screwed to a pallet, external setup and automatic loading of machine with handling units and robot systems is possible.
  • Universal holders and tapers for workpieces up to 30 kg
  • External setup and pre-setting
  • Automatic changing with handling units and robots
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​Setup and Pre-setting Stations

Setup and pre-setting outside the machine eliminates unproductive setup times and significantly reduces time of amortization.

On the pre-setting station, new workpieces can be precisely clamped and pre-set, even while wire EDM is in operation.

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