Innovation at EMO Hannover

Highest precision meets maximum dynamics

Carl Hirschmann  is launching a compact two-axis rotary indexing table with direct drives especially for the production of small parts. This new development for simultaneous machining and exact positioning of workpieces is characterized by flexibility as well as very high speeds and acceleration profiles at the limits of what is technically possible - with maximum precision through the combination with the patented zero point clamping system µ-PrisFix-Nano. Another special feature is the integrated compressed air supply for pneumatic connections. Carl Hirschmann will be presenting this innovation for the first time at the EMO trade fair in Hannover from the 16th to 21st of September (Hall 13, Stand B104).
The innovation of the company from Baden-Württemberg goes back to market inquiries for laser machining. The rotary axis and the swivel axis are each driven by a torque motor, which transmits the rotary motion 1:1 without reduction. "Thanks to this concept, the rotary indexing table achieves extraordinarily high values for speed and jerk time on each axis," explains Rainer Harter, CTO of Carl Hirschmann.

Dynamic rotation and swivel axis

In laser processing, a feed rate is defined that must be precisely maintained even with small radii and curves. This means that the axis must be able to act dynamically. And this with the highest demands on the precision of material removal from the workpiece. The dividing accuracy on both axes is ±10 angular seconds.
Rainer Harter: "This innovation demonstrates the system competence of Carl Hirschmann. Together with our patented µ-PrisFix-Nano clamping system we can offer everything out of one source. The optimal coordination of the individual components leads to outstanding high-end results." Depending on customer requirements, a combination with the extremely flat clamping system µ-PrisFix-Flat is also possible: the reference clamper and the specially designed workpiece holder are only 35 mm high. On request, customers can also use other pneumatic or manual clamping systems available on the market.

Integrated air feed-through

A special feature of the rotary indexing table with direct drive is the integrated air feed-through, which enables automated manufacturing. During the internal pneumatic transfer, an air connection actuates the clamping system and opens the spring packs, which ensure stable attachment of the workpiece. The second compressed air connection is used to clean the installation surfaces or to automatically check whether there is a workpiece in the machine.
As in all rotary indexing tables, Carl Hirschmann uses only rust-proof materials in the new development. The now introduced two-axis table achieves protection class IP54 (protected against dust and splash water), which is suitable for laser applications. Depending on customer requirements, IP68 (protected against permanent submersion) can also be achieved. The overall dimensions of the unit are an important criterion for manufacturing of small parts and various other applications. Due to its extremely compact design, the rotary indexing table is the ideal solution for machining centers with limited installation space.

Flexibility due to modular design

"Our new development with direct drives offers flexibility thanks to its modular design. This opens up numerous application options for customers," explains Rainer Harter. For example, it is possible to use a variant of the design as a single-axis machine for vertical or horizontal machining. The interface for almost every machine table is just as variable. The fastening can be modified in many ways and can also be individually adjusted in height. "Other technical solutions are available on request," says Carl Hirschmann's CTO.
The two-axis circular indexing table is used for sinking EDM, wire EDM, EDM drilling, fine milling and HSC milling. Carl Hirschmann developed the new product especially for laser machining. Different processes are possible here: 3D deposition welding (additive manufacturing), laser drilling of cooling holes, machining the cutting edges of PCD tools or inserting surface structures.
For efficient processes, the rotary indexing table should be integrated directly into the machine control system wherever possible. Alternatively, Carl Hirschmann offers suitable controllers that communicate reliably with the machine controller.


The patented clamping system µ-PrisFix-Nano
The high-end system µ-PrisFix-Nano is an extremely precise zero point clamping system for applications such as wire EDM, sinking EDM, EDM drilling, laser machining or high-speed cutting. It achieves a repetitive accuracy of ≤ 0.1 µm (clamping/unclamping in the same clamper) and a changing accuracy of ≤ 0.5 µm (clamper to clamper). These outstanding values can be achieved with the µ-PrisFix-Nano zero point clamping system for the entire production process. The workpiece is always precisely referenced in all axes and optimally positioned for 360-degree machining.

Download: Two-Axis Rotary Indexing Table [PDF]

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