This rotating spindle is mainly used on wire EDM for manufacturing of small, high precise rotationally symmetrical parts and can be equipped with face plate, adjusting clamping element or various clampers.
Z_H80R.MAC_Spuelung_Erdungsring              Z_H80R.MAC100F_mit_Spuelung

Product details for Rotary Spindle H80R.MAC..

  • Design: stainless steel body
  • Dimensions approx. 190 x 155 x 98mm
  • Face plate Ø 80mm prepared for current clamping systems
  • Center height: 49mm
  • Speed of rotating max. 1500 min-1
  • Axial run-out ≤ 0,003mm
  • Weight of workpiece max.10kg
  • Weight approx. 21kg
  • Protection class IP68
  • Current transmission with microfibers (max. 50A)
  • Flushing 3-4psi (bar)