Carl Hirschmann celebrates its anniversary

Tradition meets innovation: This year, we are celebrating the 65th birthday of Carl Hirschmann GmbH and are delighted to have a young-at-heart, dynamic, innovative, and imaginative celebrant who is full of drive. While retirement begins at the age of 65, Carl Hirschmann is never dreaming of relaxing. Quite the opposite: as always, we are stepping on the gas and keep working on the best products and the perfect services for our customers. After all, our products make us one of the leading manufacturers of plain bearing technology, rotary indexing tables and clamping systems.

But the 65th birthday also offers the opportunity to pause for a moment and look back. Which is not really our style, because we are always looking ahead. We are thinking towards the future, looking for new solutions that will give our customers the decisive competitive edge in the market. Looking back on 65 successful years of Carl Hirschmann, it becomes clear that this is first and foremost the merit of our employees, whose commitment to the company is evident every day. They value our corporate culture, live our values, and treat each other and our customers with respect and as equals. That is an essential part of our success.

The other part are our developments and products. We offer innovative technical solutions that convince through absolute reliability, maximum accuracy and best quality. In automotive engineering, our products stand for dynamics and driving pleasure, in tool machining for maximum precision. Carl Hirschmann is one of the world's leading companies in plain bearing technology, rotary indexing tables and clamping systems. Over the past 65 years, we have consistently developed and expanded our product range and grown profitably. We can be proud of this on our birthday.

Kataloge_Carl_Hirschmann(Left: first spherical plain bearing catalogue from the 1960s, right: our current catalogue compared)

Carl Hirschmann was long considered a hidden champion on the sector: a market leader whose top performance should have led to a much higher level of recognition. For this reason, we took a courageous step three years ago, changed our company name and completely renewed our brand identity. After 62 years, we became Carl Hirschmann GmbH, as a tribute to our company founder and to a successful businessman. The son of a Swiss hotelier, a true visionary, built up a multi-layered business empire over the decades - we too were once part of this group of companies. We have reflected on these roots in 2019. And with the addition of "the precision benchmark", Carl Hirschmann GmbH has since then been acting with great self-confidence on the market. With good reason, as evidenced by the award as one of the "TOP 100" most innovative companies in Germany in 2018.

With about 200 employees, we are now the largest employer in Fluorn-Winzeln. Since our founding, we have grown strongly, but have always remained loyal to our location - also a sign of reliability. Our customers appreciate this. And that is how it should stay. So, congratulations to Carl Hirschmann for celebrating its 65th anniversary.

Gebaeude_Carl_Hirschmann(Left: Official opening of the company building in 1961 in Fluorn-Winzeln, right: the present company building)